Mindrock is consolidating the VC market and plans an IPO as a fintech company

High income

As a result, new groups of investors, from newly accredited private investors to sovereign wealth funds, are pouring into the industry.

Moreover, VC now involves less risk than ever before.

Underlying asset

New opportunities

Venture capital (VC) has become a core asset in any diversified portfolio. Indeed, VC promises high returns compared to traditional markets that have entered a bearish trend that could last for years.

Venture capital is ripe for transformation

This expansion of players and liquidity in the VC market demands a simple technical solution that enables:

Creation of an ecosystem of private investors, brokers, banks, family offices and financial advisors

Fast and easy transactions between ecosystem participants

And we are proud to lead that transformation for B2B and B2C

The Mindrock platform supports VC participants by:


Bringing together individuals and institutional players from all over the world with an unprecedented solution

Implementings banking sector best practices and infrastructure solutions in the venture capital arena



Enabling professional market participants to access the venture capital market by adding venture deals to their investment portfolio

Empowering VC businesses to grow by entering new markets and offering new products to various customer groups


We expect to have a 0.5% (up from $1–1.5 billion in 2022) share of the global venture capital market within 5 years



Our expertise

For over 15 years, the partners have been helping startups to grow and thrive.

An established infrastructure and network in the USA.

Knowledge of regulatory requirements and the necessary legal support.

A robust team with deep experience in both the financial (venture, brokerage services, top US banks) and IT industries.

A thriving venture capital firm that went all the way from 0 to 1.

Way from 0 to 1

Our clients

We know how to solve the unique problems of different types of clients

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A total of $18 million in venture securities were issued in Switzerland for some of the deals.

Mindrock has raised more than $200 million in venture capital syndicates. Investments focus on technology leaders in the industries of the future: fintech, space, artificial intelligence, and brain-computer interfaces.

Mindrock was founded in 2018 in San Francisco, California. In 2021, it entered the Middle East market and its total revenue had grown to more than $5 million.

Our history

Brain-computer interfaces
Artificial intelligence

The company currently employs nearly 30 people in the US and the Middle East

The management board comprises four partners and a CEO, all of whom have extensive experience in investment, brokerage, and banking.

Our team

Mindrock plans an IPO as a fintech company for the venture capital industry

In 2026

We have already attracted private investments for the development of a fintech platform

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